Elect Joe Godfrey
Chatham County

“Chatham County is at a critical intersection: local business growth, new industrial expansion, and population explosion.

I have the business background and the environmental understanding required to help guide Chatham County to a future that benefits all citizens by protecting our waterways, by conserving our natural resources, and by insuring an equitable supply of housing.”

Joe Godfrey


Housing, schools, and roads. Where are people going to live and play? Now that we know companies are coming, how do we start working to plan the infrastructure? The current Board of Commissioners is late to the party and has not adequately planned for the growth.

We must mitigate further destruction of our natural resources and keep our county as green as possible. Understand where we get our water and improve how do we treat the wastewater in the county as growth takes place. Convert County vehicles to electric vehicles and build the infrastructure for support.

Get broadband for the entire county, including rural areas. Too many areas are now underserved. Political will, not technology, is the key to solving this infrastucture problem.


I believe that leaders should listen better than they speak. A leader must understand the issues facing citizens before offering solutions. A leader puts community welfare and citizen needs above personal goals.


It is almost impossible to guide future growth without a vision of how we want Chatham County to develop. We need a clear vision of the future of our County as we work in the present to solve problems. As Lewis Carroll pointed out “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”.

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Election Day, and the start of Early Voting is right around the corner. Today is the day to start your personal effort to help elect conservative Republican Candidates to local Chatham County Offices. We urge you to support Joe Godfrey, Peyton Moody, and Tom Glendinning for Chatham County Board of Commissioners!

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Joe Godfrey

Candidate for Chatham County Board of Commissioners